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Big Fish [1]Location: Caboolture, QLD (44km N Brisbane)

Take the first Caboolture exit from the Bruce Highway heading north. The Big Fish is just off the exit ramp to the left.

Date visited: 21 Dec 2002

Bigness: As we approached the Big Fish complex, I was thinking we had to have the wrong place. I mean, Big Things are large and impressive - a feat of design and construction. This Big Fish was nothing more than a sardine, scarcely even visible from the main road. Hell, I even had to zoom in and crop (see picture below) just so you can see the bloody thing! 1/10

Interest Factor: I suppose it's obvious that the fish alone is not the attraction here - nobody can sustain a business generated by the popularity of a pathetically large fish. The Big Fish is actually an adventure park of sorts. From memory they had go-karts and probably some other fun activities. I didn't care - I was there for the Fish. Sadly I was let down. Points only because the park might've been fun for at least an hour. 3/10

Big Fish [zoom]Weirdness/Realism: It's a fish. It has bizarre colours. It has fins, a tail and an eye (maybe even two). It probably even has a short memory. Just like me; I hope to forget this guy pretty soon. 7/10

Accessibility: You see, the Big Fish scores big points for silly things such as the "Looks Like a Fish" and "Found It!" categories. Trivial! Any Big Thing can do that, but it just doesn't have it where it counts! As stated above somewhere, you can't miss the Big Fish park. You can see it as you drive down the highway and the exit ramp. You are forgiven if you can't see the Fish itself at first glance. 9/10

Tourist Factor: Even being associated with an adventure park can't save this sucker. Note the first photo.. nobody in the carpark but us, I can assure you that! It was a pretty overcast morning and threatening to rain though and I'm sure the park actually pulls some crowds on good days. Oh well, not this day. 2/10

Overall: I can't stress enough how much the Big Fish sucked. Highly disappointed. Maybe go visit the park, but don't go out of your way just for the Fish, unless you're deranged like myself. Drive for another several hundred kilometres and see the Big Marlin in Cairns instead. Die Fish Die. 2/10